why did you become the hypnotist?

World’s tallest hypnotist Jeff Jordan answers the question: Why did you become a hypnotist?

Jeff shares his story of how he first became interested in Hypnosis around 2011. At the time, he was living in Las Vegas, providing Executive Protection in Casino Nightclubs training with UFC fighters and competing in Grappling Tournaments. After injuring his knee while training jiu-jitsu and an MRI shoed he needed arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus, he searched for a hypnotist to help him visualize how to heal his knee.

Influence and learnings from Anthony Jacquin and Freddy Jacquin, Jay Noblezada, Matt Hale, products from James Tripp, Jeffrey Stephens and books from Jonathan Chase and Geoff Ronning and the list continues.


VIDEO: Why Did You Become The Hypnotist?
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