Jeff Jordan Hypnotist Are You asleep while hypnotized

World’s tallest hypnotist Jeff Jordan answers the question: Are you asleep while hypnotized?

The assumption that a person is asleep in hypnosis is a common misconception. The myth is that a stage hypnotist can cast a slumberous spell on a hypnotized subject to sleep on command. This can be seen anywhere in the world by watching a hypnotist perform a traditional stage hypnosis show.

Although many hypnotized subjects on stage may appear to be sleeping, daydreaming or in a trance like state they are not asleep. In many cases in hypnosis, people are in a highly focused state accompanied by relaxation.

On the other side of this issue, is using hypnosis for intentional deep relaxation and regenerative sleep is a simple and straight forward process. And to induce sleep through hypnosis intentionally can be accomplished very rapidly.

If using hypnosis for intentional relaxation interests you or if you’re interested in feeling good, then check out this free 10 minute audio called Mind Massage from Jeff Jordan. 


VIDEO: Are You Asleep While Hypnotized?
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