The Philly Comics & Cosplay Day on March 19th, 2016 at the Trinity Center For Urban Youth was amazing. The crowd of cosplayers, gamers, vendors, artists, musicians, magicians, volunteers and performers were ultra talented and creative. Ideal ingredients for a Jeff Jordan Stage Hypnotist Show.


Jeff opened up and engaged the crowd with some mentalism.


Volunteers ready to be hypnotized.


Jeff explaining a hypnotic induction to the audience.


After hypnotizing the volunteers Jeff took a sleep selfie and the show really got started.

Volunteers transformed into the most amazing dancers.

They hallucinated a SCARY MONSTER.


Jeff bet CASH these volunteers hands were stuck to their legs.


All the volunteers were de-hypnotized and woke up fully to feel like superstars.

The event organizer Cortney Blue had the following review of Jeff Jordan’s performance on and said,

“Jeff put on an incredible performance at Philly Comics & Cosplay Day on March 19th. We still have attendees expressing how much fun they had watching his show with many stating it was their favorite of all of the acts. He is incredibly talented and knows how to work both the crowd and his volunteers and gives them all the show of a lifetime. Not only is he a great hypnotist & performer, but he is also an amazing person to work with and we are honored to have had him perform at our event. Thanks Jeff!!!”

Bay Ragni from Totally Driven Entertainment was live at the event and reported in his article Recap: Philly Comics & Cosplay Day, 

The World’s Tallest Hypnotist…Jeff Jordan, which was my personal favorite.”

What an incredible comic con event. The second, Philly Comics & Cosplay Day 2 is already scheduled for Sept 14th, 2016 and Jeff was invited back to perform his hypnosis show again!


Philly Comics & Cosplay Day Stage Hypnosis Show
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