Stage Hypnotist Show New Jersey High School Graduation

Hall family in Mt. Laurel, NJ invited family and friends to their home to celebrate their daughter’s high school graduation. They hired Jeff Jordan, The World’s Tallest Hypnotist to entertain the party with his Comedy Hypnosis Show for 60 minutes. Those who watched and those who volunteered were blown away. As soon as Jeff quickly cast the volunteers into a hypnotic trance, they laughed, they danced, some forgot their names, some talked like cowboys, and they all discovered how powerful their imaginations can be with Mr. Jordan sitting in the driver seat of their minds.
Mrs. Hall, who hosted and volunteered to be hypnotized for the show remarked,

I am glad to write a review. Jeff Jordan was a pleasure to work with. His hypnotist act was the highlight of my daughter’s graduation party! Everyone who was there is still talking about it!” 

Jeff engages the audience and de-mystifies hypnosis.
Jeff with his lovely assistant and wife Kristina.
Jeff explaining how hypnosis works to volunteers and audience members.
Jeff focussing the attention of the volunteers and directing their concentration.
Jeff Jordan hypnotizing volunteers.
Jeff hypnotized this young man to forget his own name.
Hypnotized to feel freezing cold.
Hypnotized to dance ballet.
Requirements For Jeff Jordan’s Graduation Party Stage Hypnosis Show: 
  1. From 10 to 1,000 People
  2. Stage Space 20 ft x 10 ft
  3. Folding Chairs without Arms 10 to 20
  4. PA System with Audio Input & Wireless Mic (or Jeff Jordan can provide)
  5. Deposit 30 Days In Advance


Contact Jeff Jordan for booking information and availability.

Google Phone: 747-47-SLEEP(75337)

Email –

High School Graduation Party Hypnosis Show

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